Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lotteries or Lootteries ?

Hello, Back again. Now holding additional charge of the State Lotteries Dept also. It is saddening to see the plight of the lottery sellers - a sizable number of sellers are disabled, destitutes . The reduction from draws on all days to a single day in a week has affected their livelihood. All these problems started with the private promoters started looting the State on behalf of other State lotteries. It is the provisions of the Central Lotteries Act which is standing in the way. The Court cases also complicated the issue. There is no need to include Lottery in the Union List under Constitution and let it be a State Subject, which will enable every State to ban or regulate the sale of other lotteries in its territory. It is really bad that this argument of our Finance Minister Shri.Thomas Issac has only few takers. Every body want to take it up as a political issue against the Fin Minister, without touching the core issue.


  1. It is great to see the changes that you are enforcing. Change is good and badly in need. I wish you all success against buroucracy and politics for a cleaner sutroundings for the public. Keep up the good work. I wish all civil seventd and ministers have your mentality for India.
    Best wishes

    Viju from USA

  2. .....yes looting the poor, an authoritarian burglary. it is is shame to Kerala that a Communist Minister introduced it...