Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sterilisation of stray dogs – the only solution?

      The Malayalam newspapers, for last two days, report that people cannot walk or ride in bikes in Thriuvananthapuram city in Kerala. Stray dogs attack in packs any one  on the streets. Two years ago, stray dogs tore a one-year old baby girl into pieces , at Vizhinjam, not so far away from the State capital. Don't feel sad or angry or disgusted -- we can afford to lose one from 1.2 billion population. The right of a stray dog is more precious to us than the life of a little human being. I don’t understand why these restrictions on killing of stray dogs? Why can't a District Collector initiate actions against this 'public nuisance'  under Cr.PC?

Dont do any thing against this street dog; it has a right to live
 Let me tell you, based on my three years experience in the Kerala Medical Services Corporation Ltd -KMSCL (central procurement agency for drugs and equipments for government hospitals), I  suspect that facts were twisted before the Hon Court by the anti-rabies vaccine mafia in getting a ban on the killing of stray dogs. (See news: Top lawyers appeared in the Hon.SC- Who pays for their appearance?.) In this country, you can kill cows, buffaloes,  goats, pigs, ducks, hens, even the cute rabbits. And every day that is being done under the most inhumane conditions. No one protests. No one feel sad.  

society plays their role
Visit any government owned or illegal abattoir and see how cruel these animals and poultry ( which don’t attack you even when provoked) are being butchered. Strange but true, you cannot kill a dog in this country while you can kill any other animal/bird not protected under the Wildlife Act. And that’s what the Local self Govts say as the reason for this menace,in their defense. What is so sacrosanct about dogs.? Why the life of a street dog is nobler than the life of a cow or any poultry being killed by us? Or is there any rule which permits you to kill any living being for your food? If that is the logic, then in some parts of our own country and in the East Asian countries, dog meat is also a food.  
Look who were all there in the Court for stray dogs

    Dont form an opinion that I hate dogs. I too have three dogs at my home and they are our dear dear pets. But I keep them in the confines of my home, without allowing them to create any trouble to anyone.I let lose them to the street then I cannot protest if someone kills them, when they bite. Dog is one of man's most loyal friend, no doubt - at our homes, not on the streets.

 It is a news when our Davood sponsored cricketers  are threatened 
      The KMSCL alone purchase anti rabies vaccine (which has an MRP around Rs.250/vial at a lower price of  Rs.115/vial in tenders) every year and supply to Government hospitals. December 2012 alone witnessed consumption of 70000 vials. Rs. 3 to 5 Cr is the average annual expenditure of KMSCL for this vaccine, a lower spend, thanks to the IDRV route of administration(0.2 ml/ dose). The annual expenditure was around Rs.7 -10 Cr  per year in the early years of KMSCL when Intra Muscular route (which consumes more - 1ml/dose) was followed for vaccination. This is the expenditure for the government hospitals of Kerala, where only 30% of the population goes.  This is the yearly spend on account of anti-rabies vaccine, not to mention about the cost incurred on equine (Rs.350/vial- KMSCL rate) or human (Rs.3200/vial-KMSCL rate) anti-rabies immunoglobulin, which also sometimes administered along with the vaccine (depending on the market interest of the doctor who administer it). Think about the market for anti-rabies vaccine for the whole of India? Think and find the astronomical figures. Now you understand who is behind the ‘friends of street dogs’? Why top notch lawyers defend stray dogs in courts and get an order treating them as endangered species. The ‘friends of street dogs’ go to any extent to prevent the killing of stray dogs. Still, we  have some relief. There is no one to protect the rights of mosquitos and fleas of this country. More street dogs more vaccine. Equation clear? And sterilization of stray dogs is prescribed as the only cure for this problem that threaten the life of man on the streets. Society also contributes  and play their part.We feed them and allow to multiply through the thrash we throw on road side. Don’t expect anything more from a society, which is already sterilised.

Tail piece: There is one lady, biggest advocate for the  rights of stray dogs, who writes regularly about the virtues of  being a vegetarian. I was recently in South Korea and saw the Koreans eat almost all animals/birds/sea-food, they find on earth. They appeared to be lean and very healthy than any average Indian. Korea’s health indicators  are at par with those of developed nations. And also believe me, there is more pesticide in the vegetables than in meat (which is also not safe), as found in the studies conducted by the Kerala Agricultural University recently,. The University found traces of 12 pesticides, including those of malathion, in our ordinary ‘curry vep’. Vegetarians are also not safe in this country.