Friday, June 26, 2009

Issues in Survey dept, Govt of Kerala

Herculean effort is required to complete the survey of the State under the Bhoomi Keralam. The effort is herculean not because of the work involved, but because of our attempts to make the dept staff to do the work. The work could be completed by hiring manpower or by engaging a private agency in the time stipulated. The problems are (1) the dept staff will not be in a position to do the Land Record Maintenance (LRM) (2) there will not be any work left for the dept to do and it have to be wound up. The unfortunate part is neither the service unions, nor the people of Kerala is wishing to have the resurvey of the State completed. They are all not aware of the benefits they could derive once the resurvey is completed and they have a clear land records , exhibited permanently in the website.

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