Sunday, December 5, 2010

Allegations against CVC PJ Thomas baseless

Nobody who worked with Shri.P.J.Thomas will say he is corrupt. Such an efficient man with impeccable service is being hunted. I was fortunate to work closely with him for 1 1/2 years in Education dept. It was he who inspired and made us implement the ViCTERS channel. He was the first to present the project report at GOI and spoke to ISRO Chairman to take Kerala as the first State for implementation of the EDUSAT.

Look at the way he has revolutionized the Counselling in Admissions to Professional Colleges. Now students can select their branch of study and college from the convenience of their homes.
I cited this incident, since i was working in the dept with him, when he meticulously scaled up the counseling from one centre to 3 centres and then as a fully web based system.

Kerala IAS Association has already passed resolution in his support.

Lotteries or Lootteries ?

Hello, Back again. Now holding additional charge of the State Lotteries Dept also. It is saddening to see the plight of the lottery sellers - a sizable number of sellers are disabled, destitutes . The reduction from draws on all days to a single day in a week has affected their livelihood. All these problems started with the private promoters started looting the State on behalf of other State lotteries. It is the provisions of the Central Lotteries Act which is standing in the way. The Court cases also complicated the issue. There is no need to include Lottery in the Union List under Constitution and let it be a State Subject, which will enable every State to ban or regulate the sale of other lotteries in its territory. It is really bad that this argument of our Finance Minister Shri.Thomas Issac has only few takers. Every body want to take it up as a political issue against the Fin Minister, without touching the core issue.